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Ningbo Beejay Co., Ltd.

Beejay Pets is a manufacturing and trading of pet products. Our office is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Our factory is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China. We are a leading manufacturer of quality pet products for cats and dogs. With rich experience of fabrics, materials, and technique, we developed Rocking Squeaky and created the Rope Family dog toys. Our product development team continue to combine high-quality materials with unique designs that make our pet products stand out from the market.

Latest News

How to make your cat love you?

Do you think the cats are too cold to get close to? As long as the right method is used, the cat is no longer indifferent. Today, I'm going to share ways to make your cat fall in love with you. ...
How to make your cat love you?

Can dogs play catnip?

Can dogs play catnip? Many cat owners have bought catnip or cat toys containing catnip. But this plant, which even has a cat in its name, do you know whether dogs can touch it? The answer te...
Can dogs play catnip?

How to Bath For Your Pets?

As a modern pet parent, will you sometimes be unable to take your dog out for a bath because your life is too busy and your dog doesn't like to ride in a car?   Today, beejay has sorted...
How to Bath For Your Pets?

How to develop a exercise program for you...

In order to make the dog have a strong physique, in addition to the reasonable arrangement of diet, exercise is also an indispensable factor affecting exercise amount of dogs . Want to know how to ...
How to develop a exercise program for your dog?

Cats’ Tails Can Talk

Cat tail can talk The cat's tail is an important tool for expressing complex feelings. If you want to understand the cat's mind, it is better to start with its tail. ...
Cats’ Tails Can Talk

Our Advanteges

  • Supply Capacity

    Supply Capacity

    Fast delivery, rapid supply capacity.Low MOQ,Provide test productsand small quantity order service.
  • Quality Standard

    Quality Standard

    All products Comply with International quality standard.Equipped with quality inspection and professional managers.
  • One-Stop Service

    One-Stop Service

    Extensive range of products fordog & cat supplies. Strength products, manufactory base.
  • Desgin Team

    Desgin Team

    Professional design team, with 10 years experience in pet industry.Variety of new products every month with trending design.

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